Flamingo Symbolism – What It Means to Dream About a Pink Flamingo?

Recently, I have had my very first flamingo dreams, and I knew nothing about their symbolic meaning. To understand what they symbolize, I did some research. Here’s a quick glimpse of what is just some of the symbolism associated with flamingos.

What does it mean to dream of flamingos?

There is two primary interpretation of the flamingo symbolism. One is that Pink Flamingo represents Romance and Life Balance. Second, it represents Self Love and Success. To dream flamingo is usually a positive experience, and can indicate happiness and joy.

Birds, in general, have been mentioned throughout history. Evidence suggests that Flamingos evolved some 30 million years ago. Many believe that these magnificent creatures are messengers of the gods.

When it comes to flamingos and mythology, they were thought highly of as the personification of the Egyptian sun of god, Ra. Mayan tradition paints the Flamingo as a heart healer with psychic insights. Aztecs used Flamingo feathers in headdresses for their rulers.

In Shamanism, Ancient Egypt, as well as in other mythological stories, many symbolism regarding in general, are connected with birds. In the Bible, there are even nearly 300 verses that mention birds. The Andeans believed in its healing power, and in ancient Rome, flamingos tongue was a part of their special delicacy. 

And if you are into Feng Shui, In Feng Shui, you can use the image of a Flamingo to enhance the fortune area of the home (in the South).

Today, Flamingo, as a spirit animal, can have many different meanings. For example, a pair of Flamingo in your dream portends success and happiness. A Flamingo standing one-legged represents good news coming your way. If there are several Flamingos in the dream, it represents common goals and working as a team.

Does seeing a Flamingo mean Love is coming?

This is one of the most frequent and most burning questions I found online, does seeing a flamingo mean love is coming?

When you use your focus and optimism, only then things will start to make sense, including love. Flamingo reminds us that we must learn to take charge of our emotions because these can make or break our relationship. So that we can regain the lost balance, be a better and stronger person by turning your pain into strength.

Release Negative Feelings

Flamingo spends hours and days, day after day, standing on one leg filtering its food so it can eat only the best food. What it has to do with the love you might wonder? Well, just like flamingo is persistent in choosing the best and selective in what it eats, you also should be selective with whom you socialize.

Toxic Relationship

If you are in a toxic relationship, Flamingo has come along at just the right time. This beautiful Flamingo bird brings healing on her wings. First, however, you have to be willing to step away from that toxic poison. Because only when you start taking care of yourself, such as remove anyone or anything toxic in your life, one by one that is causing you pain and suffering, only then you will be filled with positive people that brings peace and happiness, including a new love.

Whether a flamingo stands on one leg or interacts with you, it calls you to let loose up your emotions and start living life to the fullest. 🙂

It suggests to get in touch with your emotions and release any feelings of negativity that you may be holding onto, let go of stressful situations, clear any (emotional) waste from your life, and allow yourself to experience positive emotions.

However, to see a sick or deceased flamingo may mean you are not enjoying your life and that you are not social (as flamingos are social). And to see a flamingo in repose on the ground may indicate that you are too worried about how others perceive you. To see flamingos in flight indicates that new experiences are on the way.

Sometimes, if you need more love in your life, then perhaps it is self-love you are seeking first by removing negative people, food, and habits.

Also, more I was diving deeper into the symbolism of the Flamingo, more I found out different stories and claims, such as that it represents being pure of heart and that it has the power to bring healing of sorrows and sadness. And a story about a beautiful flamingo is my absolute favorite. The story is called The Magic Flamingo, and it illustrates the gentle nature of flamingo and the exquisiteness of its feathers. Here is how the story goes.

The Magic Flamingo Story (a folk tale of an unknown origin)

Once upon a time, there was an old man who lived with his old wife. They had no children. One day, while walking along the road, the old man saw a beautiful flamingo caught in a trap. The old man set the flamingo free, and it flew away into the sky. Later that day, the old man was telling this story to his wife when they heard a knock at the door. When they opened the door, they saw a small girl: I am lost, please let me stay in your home tonight. They, of course, said, “Yes.” The girl did not have parents, so the old man asked if she would like to live with them. She accepted. One day, the girl said something unusual to the old couple: I will weave some cloth for you on your weaving loom, but you must promise never to look at me while I work. Don’t look–not even once.
Even though odd request, they agreed. Each day the little girl gave them a beautiful piece of pink cloth. But, the old woman became curious, so she peeked into her room while the girl was still working to see how she does it. When the old woman looked into the room, she saw a gorgeous pink flamingo! It was using its own lovely pink feathers to weave the pink cloth! The girl explained: I am the flamingo that you saved. You were so kind to me that I wanted to repay your kindness. Now, since you know my secret, the spell is broken, I will remain in the form of a Flamingo. So, she took to the air, dipping her wings and left. The old man and old woman never saw her again.

Meaning of Flamingo as a totem and flamingo in spirituality

A totem is either a natural object, a spirit being, or an animal, a means of personal or spiritual identity. In some cultures and society, it has a spiritual meaning, and it serves as an emblem to a group of people or a tribe reminding them of their ancestry.

In general, Flamingos remind us of how our lives could be if we lived more simply and lived with the purity of emotion. Therefore, when we focus on the flamingo attributes (as our totems), we internalize these traits and begin to externalize the very character we absorb from our totems.

Thus, flamingo totem powers are social, tranquility, self-mastery, harmony, friendship, healing, grace, openness, charming, and gratitude. Many people with this Totem are natural healers.

When to call on flamingo as a spirit animal?

The most apparent reason Flamingo might come to you as a Spirit animal is because something in your life has gotten out of balance. You can call on flamingo animal totem in many different situations. For example, when:

  • You have been lonely for some time, and you wish to be more sociable
  • When it is time to move on, forgive, and forget about the past.
  • When you are hurting, and you need to heal emotionally.
  • When it is time for rejuvenation and cleansing the heart and soul.
  • When you need to clear your mind and soul with negativity and not sure how to eliminate it from your life.
  • When you are losing excitement in your job and need to find inspiration in what you do.
  • When you need balance, joy, and harmony in your life.

What does a flamingo tattoo mean?

The Flamingo tattoo represents the attributes of the flamingo, and it is an unofficial symbol of Florida. As both male and female flamingos take care of the nest, so the tattoo could also represent “family.” Another meaning is beauty, balance, grace, protection, summer, social nature, and desire to create community ties we can trust.

Flamingo Spirit Animal-Positive Traits

You have a great style; you are an intelligent, creative soul and a big dreamer. You are kind and helpful, pure heart, nurturing of the soul, well-mannered, even to strangers, and you should not suppress your emotions.

You always make sure that you look your best. You are social, and you enjoy various social events. However, as social as one can be, you treasure your alone “me” time.

Flamingo Spirit Animal-Negative Traits

You can be anxious, and you tend to keep your thoughts to yourself unless you feel very confident, then, you will share your incredible ideas with others.

You can be bossy, constantly evaluating ideas and different scenarios in your head, imagining the worst and the best possibilities and their respective outcomes.

Being passionate by nature, you quickly fall in love, but romance can end quickly, which is why you prefer to stay single.

To conclude. The symbolism of flamingos highlights your need to spend your energies on yourself and what you love to do. It also means that it is time to move on and forget about the past and discard the things that are suppressing personal growth.

Thus, when you dream of Flamingo, sometime, it could mean that you have not entirely accepted your truth, it can signal that true love has come into your life, or perhaps a time of healing is about to begin.

The most important, it signifies the balance in life. So, love yourself and embrace this time as the healing is about to begin. And remember to let go and walk away off negative people. They will only hold you back. It is time to stand on your own, to stand up for yourself, and to start living your life. 🙂