Flamingo Themed Pool Party (simple guide with helpful tips)

When we hosted our first flamingo party, we had everything in pink plus its supplementing colors. So, if you are about to make your flamingo themed party, it is good to adjust your eyes to different shades of pink.

Here is a simple guide with helpful tips on how to make a flamingo themed pool party a success.

  • Flamingo party decor colors
  • Cups, Cutlery (Spoons, Forks, Knives, Flamingo opener), Tablecloths
  • Small party decorations (balloons, )
  • Beverage & Luncheon/Dinner Napkins, Cake & Dinner Plates
  • Cocktail station
  • Food & Sweets station
  • Costumes, t-shirts 

To have a totally rockin’ Flamingo Party, the flamingo decorations need to be top-notch. Think about the usual party accessories. Just this time, make sure to have party accessories and servings in pink color and its related shades. The number one step, however, is to select the party themed colors.

Flamingo Pool Party Decor Colors

Party decor colors is something to think in advance because the well-designed decor will instantly give that relaxed flamingo party vibe.

So how to decide on the colors?

First, decide whether your flamingo party is going to be indoors or outdoors or at a rented pool party venue. Once you decide on the party place, you will choose the colors. 

How to quickly select party-themed colors?

Yes, there are many shades of pink and different kind of flamingo palette color ideas. So, how to effortlessly pick your themed colors?

If your party takes place indoors, ideally choose such colors that will somewhat blend well with your interior design colors. The same if the party will be outdoors. Try and match the flamingo party colors with your furniture, wallpaper, or if you take your party outside, garden/ pool surrounding colors. You want to make sure that the colors of your party will blend with the surrounding colors, as much as possible.

To give you some kind of an idea, here’s a look at some of the primary flamingo colors, blends, and color palettes.

The image above has different color palettes, and they are just a few color ideas for your pink flamingo party.

But if you do not like any of the above colors, not to worry. You can also come up with a unique, personalized color theme, based on your color liking as well as the surrounding you plan to have your party.

So, for example, if you take your pink flamingo party outdoors, here is one idea of how to select an ideal pink flamingo party color palette.

Put on your favorite pink swimsuit, pink sunglasses, or anything that you think it can be part of the flamingo party. Take a photo (just like the image below). You can also take a picture of your house interior (if the pools is indoors or if you have indoors/outdoors party). Next, upload your photo to Color Palette Generator, and voila, you’ll get an ideal color palette for your party. Try, it’s super easy, visit this site and upload your photo, it is free: https://www.canva.com/colors/color-palette-generator/ 

Below the image is the color palette based on the uploaded photo.

You got your flamingo themed party colors, what next?
Once you select your color palette, it is time for a serious party decoration and accessories shopping.

Party Accessories

To create an excellent experience for your guests, make sure you have the party basics.

No matter what you’re serving at your party, you’re going to need some flamingo designs partyware to accommodate your guests. Once you know a final number of attendees, you can purchase the plates, cups, and cutlery you need. Some examples of tableware, party-ware, accessories you’ll need for your flamingo themed pool party are:

Decoration Ideas

Some of the decorations below we had at our party.

  • Balloons. You can never go wrong with balloons. Colorful Party Balloons bring such a festive atmosphere and people simply love it. We got our in different sizes, as a bundle, from Amazon (similar to this). We also had a few balloons in the shape of flamingos, but the majority was in its usual round shape, in different sizes.
  • Inflatable balls. We had a few of Kangaroo Beach Balls and they are great if you take your party to the garden (or beach), as a part of the party decor. They are also more durable. We had them all over the garden.
  • Banners are great for outside, but it is a personal preference.
  • Confetti, Wall Decorations.
  • Glow sticks are must to have if the evening light outside is not that good. Super fun to have these glow sticks at the party, at night.
  • Flamingo Yard Sign.

Yes, we also had one of the these real fun Pink Flamingo Pool inflatable float toys. Such a fun and cool beach/pool toy, for kids and adults to have it at the party, or for any other nice lazy day. This toy comes in different sizes. Our was very large nice size, but you can choose any size you like.

Party Outfit

When we have flamingo parties, we usually have it in summer. To spice up the party, for our summer party outfit choice, we suggested to our guests to come with any of the following:

  • Pink flamingo T shirt or pink shorts, pink skirt or pink flip flops
  • Pink crazy looking shades
  • Pink Hawaiian Flower Leis Necklace
  • Party hats (we provide)

Food & Drinks

The menu is an essential part of any party, including a flamingo themed party. Before you start brainstorming your menu, first have a final list of total guest coming to your party, then communicate. Find out if anyone have dietary restrictions, such as how many have diabetes, is anyone lactose intolerant, vegan, and so on. Once you have your final filtered guest list, you can finalize what you’ll need to accommodate everyone at your party.

Snacks and Nibbling Food

  • Snacks (ie Chips, Pretzels, pink popcorn etc.)
  • Food for a full meal (ie Pizza, Hot Dogs, etc.)
  • Grapes, olives…

Cookies & Sweets

  • Ice Cream
  • Pink cupcakes
  • Flamingo shaped desserts
  • And of course, one Pink Flamingo cake is a must to have at the party.

Cocktail Station

Drinks an ice and lots of it.

Ideally set up a few cocktail stations, so the guests stay hydrated. We also had one ‘cocktail station’ in the pool, so called flamingo buffet. It’s always a real hit.

Catchy Flamingo Party Invitations

Party invites are an essential part of your flamingo pool party. It will not only prepare your guests in advance what kind of party to expect, but it will also create a positive, relaxed vibe.

Be sure to send out your party invites in advance so your guests can save the date and have enough time to prepare for the party. You can send your party invitations either by post, email, or, you can create a party event on Facebook.

Your invitations should include the party’s date, time, location as well as a way to RSVP. If needed, add any other unique information your guests need to know. For instance, inform your guests whether or not your celebration is a sleepover or a surprise party, add driving directions, a location map, and so on.

Make sure also to include a date to RSVP so that you can accommodate all of your party guests. If you send invites by email, and you have a ‘thing’ for designing, then you can let your imagination flow with colorful flamingo designs.

Thank You Notes

Let’s not forget to thank your guests with a unique flamingo designed ‘thank you’ notes, once the party is over. 

Personalizing a thank you card for each guest is just a small way to show how genuinely grateful you are that they attended your special flamingo event. 

Favor Bags

Last but not least, party favors are our favorites. Favor bags are also one way to show your guests your appreciation. Your favor bags should include unique flamingo related items (we usually add 3 to five items) that will have your guests look back on all the fun they had at your flamingo themed party. Here are a few ideas on what to include in your favor bags:

  • Mini Champagne or Wine Bottle
  • Flamingo can opener
  • Pink chocolates 🙂

Fun Activities Polaroid In Action

My hubby is a camera geek. He loves all possible cameras, especially polaroids. But Instax mini camera also does the trick. If you visit us, you can’t possibly leave our place unless my hubby got a polaroid of you. 🙂

Polaroids are super fun (no special effect filtering ;), something guests can take home, and it is something always make our guests smile. We added these in the Favor bags. Our guests loved it.