Flamingo Bathroom Decor

The bathroom is an interesting space to spice up or fill with flamingo decor. Flamingo details in your bathroom will bring smiles to all visit there and often spark a lovely discussion.

Here are our bathroom decor recommendations.

Flamingo Pictures and Wall Art

This flamingo wall art is printed in the USA on quality matte paper that has a lovely fabric-like texture, and the price is not bad either.

Pink flamingo bathroom decoration

Get this flamingo decor art print here on Amazon.com.

The item comes without a frame, so you can pick your own frame or use this art without a frame. In the bathroom, wall art is often unframed because bathroom walls are usually smaller and bathroom wall materials already give shiny texture around your wall decor.

Flamingo Shower Curtain

A shower curtain with vibrant colors makes instantly a really cute bathroom. When you find the curtain you always wanted, you will love it all over again when you visit your bathroom.

Here are our recommendations for a pink flamingo shower curtain.

Princess flamingo shower curtain

Pink flamingo princess shower curtain

Get this princess flamingo shower curtain here on Amazon.com

Splashing pink flamingos shower curtain

Our other shower curtain pick is one with wonderful colors and pure happiness of flamingos splashing in the water. The enjoying refreshing water is just a perfect theme for the bathroom.

Pink flamingos splashing watercolor-style shower curtain

Purchase splashing watercolor-style shower curtain here.

Additional shower curtain decor

To add a little pink flamingo detail to your current shower curtain you can use shower curtain hooks that have a flamingo pink element, or even clips that have mini flamingos.

Here are our shower curtain accessory recommendations.

Pink Shower Curtain Hooks

Pink shower curtain hooks to bring flamingo color

Get these pink shower curtain hooks here to bring that binding pink little element to your flamingo themed bathroom.

The same company Amazer is also selling pink round acrylic bling-style shower curtain hooks that may be an even better option if you look for more pink bling to your bathroom.

Spice up your shower curtain with these elegant flamingo curtain hooks

When you need the extra little decor to your shower curtains, these flamingo shower curtain hooks bring an element of luxury in your bathroom.

Combined with other flamingo bathroom decor you can make lovely small flamingo detail to your bathroom.

Flamingo Bath Mat

This bath mat is creating a lovely pink texture with multiple flamingos in the design. It does feel funny to step on to the mat, almost like mingling with the flock.

Pink flamingo bathroom mat

Find the pink flamingos flocking bath mat here.

Flamingo Soap Dispenser

This flamingo shaped soap dispenser adds some fun to your bathroom. Especially, if you have kids this item is making it fun to wash hands.

This pink flamingo hand soap dispenser comes with liquid soap of decent quality, but to get your favorite fragrance you can refill this hand pump.

The main attraction of this dispenser is that it is designed to be reusable, so just fill it again with the soap or hand sanitizer of your liking.

Flamingo Ring Holder

Ring and jewelry dish is a little luxury that you can place in the bathroom, nightstand or on your make-up table.

Flamingo ring holder plate for your rings, necklaces and other jewelry

Our recommendation for the flamingo ring dish has golden details and its petite size makes it ideal to be used in the bathroom as well.

Here is a bathroom decoration idea with the jewelry dish combined with essential oil diffuser sticks and a candle to bring a lovely feeling to your moment of relaxation.

Bathroom Flamingo Ring Dish Decoration Idea

Get your flamingo ring dish on Amazon.com.

Other Cute Flamingo Decor for Bathroom

Colored toilet paper is one addition you can add to your toilet during special occasions or to refreshen your daily life.

You find Renova’s colored toilet paper here and the same brand kitchen paper goes well with your household.

Flamingo toilet brush

How often you have received compliments about your toilet brush? Here is a bathroom item that everyone who visits your toilet will notice.

There is something adorable with this flamingo toilet brush and does its job with the ever pensive look in its face. Well, someone has to do it, correct?

Funny pink flamingo toilet brush

Get this funny flamingo toilet brush eyecatcher to your toilet from here.

Flamingo Body Weight Scale

Weight scales can be also part of your bathroom flamingo decor! We are enjoying this colorful scale with a color theme that can be matched with your other bathroom items.

Flamingo body weight scale with tropical theme

This flamingo scale comes also with yellow background and you can find it from this link.

Flamingo body weight scale with yellow background