About Flaminglet

Before we tell a bit more about us, I would like to ask you a question:

What is a baby flamingo called?

The answer:
Baby flamingo is called a flaminglet!

Currently, the correct dictionary accepted term is ”Chick’ or ‘chicklet’ for any newly hatched bird, but we strongly feel that the term ‘flaminglet’ describes best cute baby flamingos.

Why Do We Think That Flamingos Are so Great?

Our interest in flamingos started slowly over the years after observing live flamingos and curiosity led to learning more about flamingos. The more we learned about flamingos the more we got fascinated about the species and their quirks.

Many people love flamingos, and these gorgeous birds are perfect ambassadors for understanding how our actions as humankind reflect on animal life and nature. We want to learn more and share what we have found.

There is also a little artsy side budding on both of us, and we love drawing cute flamingos. So, maybe we will see some flamingo artwork on this site in the future.

When we finally saw on the internet an image of a baby flaminglet, cutest thing ever with grey furry feathers, appearing slightly awkward – we instantly knew that we had to put up a website about flamingos and that it was going to be called Flaminglet.com!

That’s all flocks!

Kind regards,
Ari & Dali