10 Flamingo Yoga Items for Your Ommm Moments

Yoga and flamingos go hand-in-hand perfectly. How flamingos move in nature is slow and graceful and almost perfectly resembles the mood of a good yoga session.

1. Balance t-shirt to bring some smiles!

Flamingo find your balance yoga t-shirt

Find your pink flamingo balance t-shirt here.

Long sleeve flamingo shirt for cooling

We have noticed that often during the cooling period and after the yoga class, it is easier to relax and stay warm with a long sleeve shirt.

If you are looking for a long sleeve shirt, we recommend this “It’s all in the attitude” long sleeve shirt from Amazon.com.

2. Manduka yoga mat!

I am afraid, we can recommend as the only choice the best yoga mat there is and that is the famous Manduka Pro yoga mat. The mat comes with a large price and even larger perfection. And if you have any experience on yoga mats, you will notice the difference and benefit when you start to use it.

Maduka pro yoga mat

Did you know that Manduka pro-series mats come with lifetime guarantee? This mat will not brittle after the first 50 hours of hot-yoga. It is made to last lifetime for active yoga use!

If you are looking for something more affordable, and yet a perfectly good yoga mat, please check the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat, Flamingo-Pink, of course.

3. Flamingo yoga mat bag

Carry your yoga mat in this great bag. The bag has a sizeable front pocket for all your small things and a phone back pocket to hold your phone safe while the yoga session.

Adjustable shoulder strap length guarantees that the bag is comfortable to carry around. With the adjustable strap, this mat is a good fit for kids as well. Strap attached to almost the whole length of the bag will free your hands and bicycling with this bag is a breeze.

The bag has a good amount of space so you do not have to struggle to roll your yoga mat tight to fit it in. The second coolest thing, besides that flamingo design, are the side pockets, that are large enough to make your life easy. The smaller back pocket has a velcro closure and is great for your smaller items, such as your phone and keys.

Elenture flamingo yoga mat bag

The bag is well constructed and the fabric is medium-heavy canvas, and the zippers are heavy plastic. Overall, this is a well put together item, and can take some tossing around that is needed for a good gym bag.

We recommend this Amazon.com seller with good ratings with over 800 positive reviews and reliable history solving any issues related to this bag, accepting even factory stains as reasons for to replace the item.

4. Yoga pants with flamingo design

Tropical pink flamingo yoga pants

5. Next to a perfect yoga block

We have been looking for a perfect yoga block with flamingo design, but so far we have not found one. If Manduka’s block would just come with flamingo printed on it, it would be perfection.

Manduka Cork Block for Yoga

Compared to Manduka mat, this yoga block is actually quite affordable, so together with the Manduka mat, this makes a perfect pair.

6. Flamingo tote bag with your name on it

Customizable tote bag

It is funny, it is 100% cotton and the operating instructions are easy: Just dump everything you need in it and go!

Get this flamingo tote from Etsy with your own name.

7. Flamingo headbands from Etsy

Yoga headband with funny pink pool flamingos

This is a funny item for taming hair while bending in asanas.

8. Pink flip-flops made of yoga mat material. Genious.

No more excuses. With these flip-flops, you have a piece of yoga mat under you since they are made of actual yoga mat material.

Pink flip-flops made of yoga mat

Buy these pink Sanuk classics here on Amazon.

9. Flamingo drink bottle

Did you remember to hydrate? With this bottle, you will be sure that you have a friendly flamingo reminder to drink enough.

Yoga water bottle with pink flamingo design

What is great with this bottle is that it has a wide mouth for adding ice cubes, and filter for fruits or berries.

Make your own fruit-infused water flavors with this bottle.

10. A great yoga towel that fits the flamingo-style color theme

Yoga towel

No wonder thy flamingos and yoga vibe together!