Pink Flamingo Christmas Decorations and Cards 2019

Dear Santa,

Here are the wishes for the pink flamingo Christmas party.

Flamingo Christmas Cards and Invitations

1. Flamingo family cards

This flamingo Christmas card by Current is our absolute favorite with a cute baby flamingo with 3 grown-up flamingos. If you have a baby in your family this flamingo card will warm up the heart of the receiver.

You can order this card from without personalization here if you prefer to write your own greetings by hand.

You can also order the card with printed personalization here. With the personalization option, you will have 3 lines each up to 30 characters of text in the greeting part of the card. Both options come with 14 cards and envelopes.

2. Cute Flamingo Couple Card With Cactus and Pineapple

From all available flamingo Christmas cards, this card by Graphique was our second pick because of the lovely flamingo couple. Our kids have moved to study at university and me and my wife are staring at each other and wondering what fun things we could start next. Cactus and pineapple are cute too, colors, and the warm stockings on the flamingo lady are spot on.

Buy this flamingo couple Christmas card from

With 15 cards and envelopes included, you can spread the festive cheer –purchase the flamingo couple cards here.

3. Vintage Beach Camper Christmas Cards

If you are having a beach Christmas, then this card is a perfect greeting for your loved ones. The Christmas card is full of vintage feeling, with camper, sunset, a couple enjoying cocktails and festive flamingos and Christmas decore.

Buy this vintage Christmas flamingo card from Amazon

The package comes with 8 Christmas cards with holiday-red envelopes, and you can order this vintage beach camper card package from here.

4. Flamingo Themed Christmas Party Invitation Cards

This classy invitation card set by Caspari is our only recommendation for Christmas party invitations. It is classy and enough playful to fit all ages. And, what is best is that Caspari provides also matching golden and white napkins and gift enclosure cards with the same design. This way the sent invitations and your party decor details are creating a matching feeling.

Buy this flamingo invitation card from

Buy Caspari’s flaming fill-in invitation cards on The package comes with 8 invitation cards and envelopes.

Seal your envelopes with this flamingo themed seal

Ornaments and Tree Decorations

1. Sara Miller London Collection Flamingo Bauble

Our number one pick for this year’s Christmas tree is a lovely flamingo bauble ornament from Sara Miller London collection.

Classic Christmas tree ornament from Sara Miller collection

Click here buy your own Sarah Miller flamingo bauble on Amazon.

See also other Sara Miller designed items here. Sara Miller flamingo collection has many lovely gift items with elegant flamingo designs.

2. The Cutest Glass Christmas Flamingo Ornaments

The scootering flamingo ornament, made of glass, stole our hearts this year:

Cute flamingo on scooter Christmas ornament

Then we have two items from Old World Christmas collection that also has pink flamingo ornaments, here is the first item:

Old World Christmas ornament

And here is the second pick from the Old World Christmas collection:

Old World Christmas ornament

3. Hallmark Flamingo Christmas Ornaments

Hallmark’s Christmas tree ornaments are always a welcome addition to the Christmas tree. This year we recommend two main Hallmark’s Pink Flamingo ornaments. The Pink Flamingo Premium Glass ornament and the last year’s Pink Flamingo Exclusive model, that still seems to be available at You cannot go wrong with these classics!

Glass pink flamingo ornament by Hallmark

Get the Hallmark Pink Flamingo Premium Glass ornament here.

And here is the last year’s exclusive ornament by Hallmark:

Hallmark pink flamingo ornament

If you are lucky, there still may be in the storage the last year’s Pink Flamingo Exclusive ornament by Hallmark.

And Our Etsy Flamingo Ornament Pick

If you prefer Etsy seller ornaments, we found a great seller candidate, where both item and the seller has received good ratings.

Handmade Christmas ornament from Etsy seller

Get your Funky Flamingo Christmas ornament here, from the shop of SunflowersintheSand. We did a bit checking and this seller has sold over a thousand items and has 5 out of 5 stars rating.

Christmas Tree Skirts with Flamingos

To get more decorative feeling to your Christmas tree this tree skirt is forming a lovely pink texture with a flock of flamingos.

Christmas tree skirt with pink flamingo design

You can find this pink flamingo tree skirt here.

Garden and Outdoors

1. Gnome and Flamingo

There is one above all garden flamingo Christmas decorations, and that is the Gnome and A Flamingo sculpture made of all-weather durable polyresin.

The flamingo and gnome outdoor decoration

Buy your own Garden Gnome Sculpture here, and bring some cheer to people who see it in your garden.

2. Flamingo Lights

Pink flamingo lights for outdoor use

Wrapping Papers, Gift Tags and Bags

Personalized Flamingo Christmas Wrapping Paper

Personalization is a big thing now and finally, someone has filled the empty space of Christmas flamingo wrapping paper where you can have your own name on the actual wrapping paper.

Get your flamingo wrapping paper with your name on it

This Etsy seller of this personalized wrapping paper operates from Canada and has also a shipping location from San Jose, California. But, better order early enough, just in case. Place your order here for the personalized pink flamingo wrapping paper.

Christmas Red Wrapping Paper

We wanted to find one wrapping paper where the paper itself is Christmas red and this is our pick. We know that the artsy style of this wrapping paper is not for everyone, but it has definitely its place on our wrappings.

Christmas-red gift wrapping paper with flamingos
Tag your Christmas packages with flamingo name tags
Tag your Christmas gifts

How About Personalized Flamingo Christmas Tags?

There is an Etsy seller who sells name tags with personalization. We picked these because of the good rating of the seller, and the lovely vintage look.

Vintage feel Christmas tags with personalization option

These flamingo gift tags come with a set of 20 cards and you can find them here. If you love the vintage look of this item the same seller has also Flamingo Christmas and Greeting Cards – with the personalization option, of course.

Perfect tissue to add into your delicate packages such as jewelry or glassware
Stylish pink flamingo gift bags
Why not to use re-usable gift bags?

Flamingo Bathroom Items

Joy to your bathroom with this flamingo shower curtain
Colorful flamingo shower curtain for bringing Christmas mood to bathroom
Spice up your shower curtain with these elegant flamingo curtain hooks

Flamingo Christmas Clothing

Flamingo Christmas Shorts

Christmas shorts with flamingos

These shorts come with two styles, with pockets or without pockets, you pick!

Christmas Flamingo Yoga Holiday Leggings

Pink flamingo Christmas capri length leggings

The flamingo leggings above are the Capri length. These Holiday leggings come also full-length and there are also the blue variations of both lengths. See all Holiday Yoga Leggings variations and color options here.

Flamingo Necktie that Comes with a Pocket Square

Flamingo necktie, that comes with a pocket square

Christmas Flamingo Socks

Hot Socks - Christmas flamingo socks
London Jae Apparel - Flamingo socks
Fantastic Co - Flamingo socks

This classy necktie comes with a pocket square and you can see and purchase both the flamingo tie and pocket square here on

Christmas Jewelry

Flamingo Christmas earrings
Manchen flamingo earrings

Kate Spade New York Flamingo Jewelry Collection

Kate Spade collection has few flamingo designs as well and this is a good choice when you are looking for something slightly more classy and yet affordable.

The Kate Spade collection has lovely earrings that are perfect for Christmas and also work well as a Christmas gift.

Kate Spade flamingo earrings

You can find the flamingo earrings here on

And here is the matching necklace from the same Kate Spade collection.

Kate Spade flamingo necklace

Order the flamingo necklace straight from Kate Spade New York for the best price on

Ever Faith Pink Flamingo Rhinestone Brooch

Brooches are for real flamingo lovers, but if you are one or know one, here is a delightful brooch to wear with your Christmas wear. And, of course this brooch can be used also all year round.

Pink flamingo brooch

Get the Ever Faith flamingo brooch here for the flamingo lover in your life.

Ever Faith also has a standing version of this pink flamingo brooch and you can find it here.

Arts and Crafts for Christmas

Return Address Stamps with Flamingo

How would you like if your return address would look like this:

Return address stamps with flamingo style

Just wow!

There is an Etsy seller “sunandsaltstudio” who makes these customized flamingo return address stamps. Check the seller’s all flamingo stamp items here.

Flamingo Ribbons, Ribbons

Self adhesive tape for gift wrapping and decorations
Pink flamingo ribbon for arts and crafts projects
Wax stamp your letters and gifts with style

Get your flamingo wax seal kit here.

We don’t understand why such a wonderful kit does not come with a flamingo pink color wax in it. Fortunately, we found that the same brand is selling the pink stamp wax here.

Flamingo Cutouts for Christmas Decoration

Paperclip for Personalizing Your Planner or Book Reading

The cutest baby flamingo paperclip

This Christmas Flamingo Felt Planner Clip is great for adding some personal touch to your planner, calendar, notebook or on the book you are currently reading. A perfect little gift for the bookworm in your life.

Flamingo coin purse needlepoint kit
Cross-stitching flamingo kit

Flamingo Kitchen Deco and Kitchenware

Cute cocktail napkins for Christmas serving
High quality napkin for Christmas table
Eco-friendly flamingo paper straws
Santa flamingo kitchen towel

See all ThePhatMermaidShop Christmas flamingo items here.

Christmas Essentials

Personalized Flamingo Christmas Stocking for Kids

Cute customized Christmas stocking for kids
A cute Christmas stocking
Pink flamingo Christmas stocking
Handmade felt Christmas Stocking

Pink Flamingo Christmas Lights

Pink flamingo lights for indoor use

For Pets

Flamingo dog bandana for Christmas

Other recommendable dog items of TheFrenchDog Etsy shop are here.

Whaat, Santa! Do These Flamingo Christmas Items Really Exist?

USB Charger Cable with Tiny Flamingo Lights!

Haha, why we have not seen this before? Just a brilliant idea.

Load your phone with flamingo light cable

This pink flamingo USB wire is for iPhone but comes with an adapter for Android phones as well.

Christmas scratch dare cards – what are these?

They are dare cards where you scratch the card to reveal your dare task. The maker of these cards claims that the dares are not very risque and thus suitable for holiday party guests of all ages. Maybe something to consider for the Christmas party.

Get your flamingo dare cards on

Get your scratch dare cards here.

Flamingo Christmas Photo Booth Props

Flamingo themed Christmas photo booth

Get your own Christmas photo booth here.

For a fun Christmas party camera, we recommend Instax Mini 9, the pink one of course. And did you know that Instax has a pink film in their selection? The film is called Pink Lemonade film and you can find it from here. If you plan to shoot a lot during Christmas you may want to save some money and go with the plain white Instax film value pack.

And the winner of all-time pink flamingo Christmas items that we did not know exists is…

Buy your flamingo Christmas car wheel cover here on

The Pink Flamingo Christmas Steering Wheel Cover!

First, we really did not get this one and were puzzled, but obviously, this is an actual “thing” and this trend is happening right now.

After realizing that this actually is an absolutely lovely Christmas car decoration, I was still concerned about its safety. But, once I read and found out that these things even have Grip Stop, a rubber for better grip on the steering wheel, I felt my heart melting.

Please Santa, bring me one!

These pink flamingo Christmas steering wheel covers are only available on Etsy, on mammajane’s shop.

Good job mammajane!

We wish you a Merry Pink Christmas and a Happy New Year!